Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hosstraders/Hopkinton NH

This weekend is the Hosstraders Hamfest held twice a year in the Hopkinton, NH fairgrounds. The weather is perfect.

Here's what I have purchased:

4 deluxe HD hospital type casters with brakes. Big ones.
40 TDK cup cores and bobbins. About 1" diameter, material unknown.
4 five-pin XLR panel mount. Never used.
4 five-pin XLR plugs . Never used.
1 2304 loop yagi for WIFI. Been up in the air, looks fine. Will replace the 915 Loop Yagi on the tower. Perhaps I should put a USB powered WIFI card right at the antenna and save the coax loss.

1 really cool, new in the box, "Noonie" transistor radio, multicolored dots, very pyschedelic!


Anonymous said...

Is that Noonie for sale? Is that a big scratch on the front?


Bob Crowley said...

No, it's a glob from a price sticker.