Tuesday, May 02, 2006


What is IVUS?

IVUS stands for IntraVascular Ultrasound. IVUS is a catheter-based acoustic imaging method that uses a tiny transducer that scans the inside of a blood vessel to map the vessel wall, show plaque (hardened arterial blockages) and to guide therapies such as drug coated stents. An IVUS transducer is like a very high frequency microphone/speaker arrangent.

Link to other IVUS and 3VUS work at Soundwave Research Laboratories.

Here is an IVUS image of a diseased left femoral artery. This shot actually is a Polaroid image taken from a CRT. Remember CRTs? Remember Polaroid?

Mon travail en IVUS: Hopital Cardiovasculaire et Pneumologique/Hospices Civils de Lyon pendant envers 1990

Robert J Crowley

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