Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jazz Age Classic with Patrick McGoohan

A plug for one of my favorite films of the early 60's, which stars Patrick McGoohan (Danger Man, The Prisoner, Braveheart) as a conniving drummer with a plan to take over the band.

This film barely ran in the US. The interracial marriage and not-so-implicit sex themes were just too much for the time: American audiences ultimately failed to recognize the genius of this modernized version of Shakespeare's "Othello".

But the film, and its incredible soundtrack, proved popular in Australia and New Zealand, which is where I managed to find original lobby cards, an original poster, and some good quality vinyl of the soundtrack with tunes by Mingus and Brubeck, who also appear in the film. Well worth the postage.

I told you it was one of my favorites.

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