Friday, May 19, 2006

Results! Proscenium vs "The Tube"

OK we caught up at the last moment of the day, and managed to measure the response of the acoustically loaded tube vs the Proscenium mic. The loaded acoustic tube was adjusted according to Olsen and according to the design used in the 77DX acoustic labyrinth. I don't have the polar plot set up yet, but the frequency response results are encouraging, to say the least. Look at how closely the response tracks the reference mic. Not bad. Of course, the average efficiency is down, more than 12 dB, and I see a strong bass response in The Tube, but we know how to fix both of thise things easily..

By the way

Proscenium is the RED curve
The Tube is the BLUE one

You knew that.

Have a nice weekend.

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