Tuesday, May 02, 2006

View of the R&D bench

If R&D is going on, there has to be clutter. This is the scene here in our R&D section of the lab, where A-B testing is done, and where comparisons are made against various microphones.

On the left is the Proscenium, and on the right, the subject 77DX. Both are placed a specific distance from the RCA speaker. If you zoom in, you might be able to see the many reference mics lined up in the background, including other Proscenium, Soundstage Image and Studio Vocalist instruments, among several mic boxes, and an EV driver in the background used for first octave testing.

Now that consumers commonly have audio systems with good response in the 10-100 CPS range, musicians, instrument makers, producers, broadcasters etc. need to be aware of that First Octave. CPS is back. Hertz deserves his name on measurements of electromagnetic wave energy, not soundwaves. I nominate Chladni. "...reponse up to 8 KiloChladnis" might not work out so welll, but Chladnis Per Second does.

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