Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's that guitar?

Someone recently asked about the guitar shown on the Contact page of the Crowley and Tripp website.

It is a Hofner Verithin. I'm not sure of the date but I estimate it was from 1962, which is the year "All Night Long" was made. I bought the Verithin from Tom Allman about 25 years ago. This one has a tremelo tailpiece, and is missing the original raised pickguard. That bridge isn't original. When I first got it, the tremelo spring was missing, so I replaced it with a valve spring from a chocolate Triumph GT6+, which fit perfectly. I had two GT6s, and if you know those cars, you are familiar with the valve springs since GT6 valves needed to be adjusted about once every month.

Notice the knobs. These are the original knobs, but with our logo in the center. The action is a little hard. Not high, but a bit hard. I have it strung with heavy bottoms, light tops. It stays in tune and it plays well.

1962 was a productive year.

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