Friday, June 23, 2006

An Amusing Blog about Intellectual Property

Here is a link to Lee Gesmer's blog about things relating to intellectual property. Lee is a patent attorney, among other things. His blog is a collection of witty and sometimes sardonic observations, generally about matters pertaining to legal aspects of patents, trademarks, and the like.

Image shot by Jon Oshima at Wood's Hole in 1974 during a performance of the group "Mother Zamcheck's Bacon Band".

Correction: Lee tells me it cannot have been shot in 1974, as he sold his guitar before that. More like 1971.

Players included:
Mark Zamcheck - keyboards
Gian Caterine - bass
Lee Gesmer - guitar
Paul Freidlander - guitar
Joe Cartier - percussion
Mimi Kravitz - vocal

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