Saturday, June 10, 2006

Electrovoice V1a ribbon microphone

Here's an EV V1a ribbon mic sitting in front of some nice Collins gear. We have a complete set of measurements of its performance, and we spent a day looking at the internals of this model, cleaning, fixing and reribboning, and getting it to operate.

I'll get right to the point and tell you that if you are looking for a recording ribbon this is probably (I'm certain) not what you want. However, it is a very handsome design, like a scaled-down RCA 44 sort of look, rendered in pot metal castings. I see these on ebay quite frequently.

Anyway nice to look at. If I find another I may make a new motor for it.

Here is an exploded view of th innards!


Anonymous said...

You are being nice Bob this mic sounds terrible I have one also.

Anonymous said...

On Coutant there is Sank and someone saying these were great but I disagree and think these are junk to the nth degree.

EV even knew they were junk and tried to put in a dynamic element same as in the old RE20 which was also like a tin can.

youknow who

Anonymous said...

It's a piece of shit. Really. I have a toy cap gun that has very similar quality parts.