Monday, June 05, 2006

Hemlock Bugs

The bare branch behind the Naked Eye in this shot has an obvious meaning. We designed Naked Eye to be "bare" and you can see in to the ribbon if you look. The branch itself is from a Hemlock tree next to our front door. I ran outside and picked some dead branches, laid them on a black velvet cloth, placed the mic on top, and shot the image. I like the light/dark areas along the branch and the natural texture and shape which is used in an as found condition.

Notice the bluish color on the branch: the shot picked up a lot of the blue colored benches we have all over the lab. That mic you see in the picture is actually dark metallic grey, not blue,but it looks it.

After the shot was taken it was sent around the WWW in various press releases and turned even bluer. Everyone expected a bluish mic so we had to start mixing colors to get it close to what people were expecting. The effort was worth it. My old grey Naked Eye which I use personally to record shakuhachi (does very well for that) is is the only grey one ever made but I like the blue ones much better. I am sure they sound better in blue. Larry Killip has the only "Killip Green" Naked Eye built.

The Hemlocks are all dying around here. A bug called a Woolly Adelgid is infesting them and sucking the life out of them. The Hemlock is an important evergreen, as it is home to red squirrels, and thrives in shady, wooded locations. The hemlock tree is not poisonous.

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