Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Arm the Reactor, Fire the V1

A while back I wrote about a custom curve device that we supplied to a customer.

Here is a picture of it. This is the V1 Reactor, an inline device that is designed to recreate the bass cut of an RCA 77DX when set to the V1 position. It's not an attenuator or a cold war relic, just a useful tool for cutting a bit of bass from a signal, like when close talking a ribbon microphone, or any dynamic microphone, hence the use of the letter "V". We've been making these in luminous candy apple red for our more experimentally-minded customers who like the fact that you can see that it is plugged in from ten paces.

Anyway the customer who got this one loved it. I do like that red and gold color scheme, and the rocket-like and very formal verticality of it all. Sort of statuesque. Of course, it's the size of an XLR connector, only longer. One thing I worried about at first was RF immunity (I always do) but the V1 didn't pick up any bad signals from the ether, and the noise floor is still low with the V1 in line. I tried it on an SM57, an R-121, an AT 25-something dynamic, an EV-635A, and some other ribbon mics lying around, and the result was consistent.

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