Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Larry Killip's Custom Ribbon Mic based on Naked Eye

Here's the story about the "Killip Green" ribbon mic we made for Larry Killip: He has a review of the Naked Eye ribbon microphone on his own site, here. Larry is a prolific talent.

During the development of what was to become the actual "Naked Eye" product, we went through many design iterations, listening tests, measurements, tweaks, mods, fine tuning and process development steps. All these things must be done before actually "releasing" a product, in order for it to be consistent. The Naked Eye product is lower in cost and very consistent like our other models.

At various stages of the design process, some prototypes were kept "as is" and others were discarded or modified. There were some that we liked but didn't fit the specification for Naked Eye. (A specification is something that is made in advance of making the product, as the guideline for the development effort. Oftentimes the term "specification" is used when the more correct word is "measurement".) So we had a couple of interesting mics here that weren't destined to become products, and when Larry ordered a released Naked Eye ribbon microphone we thought that he'd get a kick out of seeing one of the early versions that led to it. That green one is not much like the blue Naked Eye at all, but it is cute! To make everything match we hand painted in the logo with green enamel, and it came out nicely.

Custom work is usually done on SPLx models, so this really is unique, and rare ;)

We sent a kit of pieces for Larry to put together that contained this green body and some motor unit parts, all loose. It was all wrapped in Easter wrapping paper, and in a box stuffed with Easter grass. Larry put it all together (he is quite expert at ribbon mic mechanics and we knew he could do it!) and that's the unique "Killip Green" one you see in the picture, above.

Larry demonstrates his vintage gold top Les Paul that he bought new in this video.

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