Saturday, July 22, 2006


Of course after making remarks about how the musique automatique music box was so simple, I ran across this instruction booklet for a cartridge that plugs into the Commodore 64 called "Music Machine". The Commodore 64 was an early home PC that came with 64 kilobytes of memory. That was all you got in the machine, which is not even enough for one decent thumbnail image.

Yet the Music Machine cartridge had a number of functions as described in the booklet:

"The cartridge has been designed with flexibility in mind. Rather than having the variety of musical tones being one of a number of preset selections, there are a number of parameters you can mix and match, allowing you many combinations of sound type, special effects, and keyboard playing style."

Music Machine had three voices, was produced around 1983, (23 years ago) and could be used with Commodore's Single Disk Drive, a 5 1/4" "floppy" disk. Floppy disks were an old data storage format that consisted of what was basically a disk-shaped piece of recording tape in a protective sleeve.

I have to be on the road for a couple of days so check back later in the week.

Visit Casionova - a home keyboardist extremist blog - where someone actually uses Music Machine on the C64.

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