Friday, July 07, 2006

Soundwave Research Laboratories Investigator

Chris Regan at AES Paris investigating mechanical music reproduction apparatus.

Gramophone, Victrola and Diamond Disc systems developed in the early 1900's quickly led to the production of mass market music, the Hit Record, and record deals. Radio didn't take off until the late 20's, so there was at least a decade when record sales comprised the sole channel to consumers.

Chris looks like Patrick McGoohan in an old episode of Danger Man (Secret Agent in the US).


Anonymous said...

Hey it's in Twin Studios they told me that the AES demonstrations were quite sympathic!!! (I'm doing an internship in that studio). And Don't worry that machine steel working!!

Bob Crowley said...

Alright put on a 78 and crank literally) up some tunes. The old gramophones go forever. Make sure you have a sharp needle, and don't try any scratch moves - you might get stabbed!