Saturday, July 29, 2006

Special Guest - Sandy Pearlman

Producer, poet, futurist and friend Sandy Pearlman drove down from Montreal for his second visit to the lab, and to pick up a Naked Eye ribbon microphone. We spent considerable time chatting about our own critical theories of society, and having a review of our take on the RCA Camden recordings, oil reserves (especially Canadian oil) and of course, ribbon mics. Sandy, who you probably know named and produced Blue Oyster Cult (Don't Fear the Reaper), and produced the likes of The Clash, The Dictators, collaborated with Patti Smith, coined the term "Heavy Metal Music" and on and on.  Anyway Sandy is an RCA BK5 aficionado, a mic that we did a deep dive into in the past, and he had yet to try the Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye.

Sandy is often at McGill University in Montreal where the world's first PhD program in music production and engineering is offered. He spends part time there as a visiting scholar and then makes his way back to San Francisco, apparently collecting a lot of frequent flyer miles.

Here he is at the test bench, next to our beloved analog H-P audio test gear. A Videosphere hangs in the background over a UA 1019. An ST70 can be seen up on the rack.


Larry said...

Don't fear the Reaper!

Great sound, always loved that song.


George Berger said...

My name is George Berger. i am an old friend of Sandy's from our youth in Far Rockaway NYC. Please tell Sandy that I would like to renew contact with him. I live in Amsterdam Hollans at phone number +31206392085. My e-mail address is thank you.