Friday, July 07, 2006

Variable Pattern Ribbon Microphone

Hugh Tripp is shown looking at the distal end of a very promising prototype ribbon microphone that has undergone several modifications. The mic is a ribbon type with an acoustic load placed where the rear lobe (the back of the motor unit) sits. The tube has a tuned acoustic resistance that is designed to match the acoustic Z of the rear of the mic. In theory, this matching eliminates reflections caused by an impedance discontinuity. Then, there is a loss process involved which converts the acoustic energy into heat (not much!) which is ultimately radiated at IR and by convection.

In the background is an old Guild amp Hugh found at a yard sale next to 64 black face Fender Princeton (owned by Chris) and an early MXR Micro Chorus. Also you can see another short ribbon prototype, an early Naked Eye in gloss black, a very playable Yamaha bass, and the edge of an old rebuilt banjo ukelele with a brass nut and Hofner tuners.


LarryK said...

Yamaha Bass looks like an RBX170, I just love mine! same colour too.

Bob Crowley said...

Got this one on ebay. Was a great deal and seems a fine instrument. On the back are stick on letters from the girl group "The Losers" in the shape of a heart. Though they could be easily removed without a trace, we left them in place for historical purposes.