Monday, August 28, 2006

Chicago Surplus - Bunches of Shure Microphones

I go to a lot of hamfests. This weekend was the Boxboro MA hamfest and ARRL convention where a lot of ham radio types congregated to buy and sell various bits of gear, tubes, parts and other technically related items.

Inside I found this company selling all sorts of Shure microphones and parts. SM57s and SM58s galore, SM10s, wireless systems, mixers, monitors, shotguns, 55S - all Shure and nothing but Shure. I bought a dozen SM58 ish windscreens for about $10. Don't ask me what I will do with them, but I just had to have them.

Anyway Chicago Surplus, 11304-260th, P.O. Box 161, Trevor, WI 53179 is the address on his orange da-glo biz card, and 262-862-2517 voice/262-862-6376 fax are his numbers.

Might be a good place to get carloads of SM57s with gaffer's tape still on them.

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