Sunday, August 06, 2006

Crowley and Tripp Soundstage Image Ribbon Microphone

OK so I have to admit that there is a certain visual color scheme here that seems to resemble the red-behind-chrome look of the 55 series. We put in different color screens for the various models so they could be easily identified, and picked colors that seemed the most appropriate for the intended application. The gold color of the Studio Vocalist meant to evoke some kind of warm quality, the white of the Proscenium, classical and formal, and the red of the Soundstage Image, broadcast, maybe old RCA, and it looks nice.

Screens impart some of the acoustic color, or timbre, to the microphone, so screen materials must be selected with care. In some cases the screen material has to be designed to have the intended acoustic Z, acoustic R and frequency-specific attenuation curve needed for the particular purpose.

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