Monday, August 07, 2006

Hugh Says:

There are lots of ads in all fields where a person you might have heard of holds up a product and tells you to buy it. This is probably effective on some poeple, since the words are always spoken with authority and a significant portion of the population can be counted on to accept the recommendation of a person in high position. Hugh Tripp, cofounder of Soundwave Research Labs and maker of Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Microphones, is holding up a medical transducer model at the lab, so perhaps he should be wearing a white lab coat, and a pocket protector. It's an example, and a good one, of the type of quality work and imagination that comes out of the lab, an environment geared toward innovation that draws in musicians, artists, scientists and other collaborators who help shape the course of what is yet to come. Hugh Tripp is definitely an authority on the manufacturing of precision devices, having been responsible for over 200 separate product releases at the various Boston Scientific companies, and before that at Acoustic Research.

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