Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lab Visit: Darron Burke

It's August and the time when things tend to be a little quiet around Ashland. The school buses haven't started clogging the streets yet and people are still on the Cape.

Not so this week at Soundwave Research Labs, where things are getting busy ahead of "the season". Today we have Darron Burke, proprietor of Makeshift Studio in Hyde Park MA, over for a visit and to listen to some mics and get the scoop of the latest goings-on.

Here he menacingly waves an EV 635A at me.

Darron's website is not to be missed, and includes many fun things to do, plus a song he recorded of U.V Protection that is sure to get your attention.

But that's not all: Darron sometimes inhabits the Plough & Stars in Cambridge and beyond, performing with
Blanketeer. Definitely worth a listen!

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