Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Many Oktava Transformers

And speaking of bunches, here are some Oktava ML52 ribbon microphone transformers we came across in our searchings a while back. These are quite interesting if not primitive forms of the toroidal transformer art, and they have a certain Soviet look and feel unmatched by anything from the Far East. I've been to Russia in the past visiting various companies and universities and have come to know "Russian Design" as meaning robust, overbuilt, heavy, and not very expensive. These fit that description, as they are large transformers as microphone transformers go, and because they are large, are relatively efficient. Compared with Jensen, Lundahl and Sowter in the total efficiency department, the Oktavas win easily.

The construction is odd: a telescoping shell of mumetal, inside stacks of silicon steel discs held in a cool 60's looking plastic bobbin, and of course many turns of fine gage copper for the secondary which was wound over the primary with layers of wound plastic film. Definitely hand made by the people of Okatava, and staked into place after assembly with a hammer and punch.

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