Thursday, August 10, 2006

Music Break - Marco Granados

Flutist extraordinaire Marco Granados is the subject of today's music break. Marco is seen here at the Crowley and Tripp booth at the last AES, and tried out the Proscenium ribbon mic.

Marco gave us an excellent CD entitled "Luna", on which he and guitarist Aquiles Baez perform a fine collection of instrumental tunes, some written by Baez, and other Latin American love songs.

Marco Granados was nominated for a Grammy and has other works available on his informative site which I urge you to visit. His unique blend of incredible technical virtuosity, and his broad, classical/Latin/world-based repertoire are stunning, and we've gotten to know Marco for his unending quest for just the right tone and nuance.

When he isn't creating and recording in NY, Marco travels the world, performing and teaching.

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