Thursday, August 10, 2006

Naked Eye Mount Review by the Numbers

The Rotary Mount shown here at the top of a stand (the image is rotated 90 degrees but that doesn't matter) showing the several positions available. The idea behind the mount was 1. keep it away from the pole, 2. provide plenty of swing so the mic could be put in any position, and 3. be able to rotate the mic on axis through 360 degrees, 4. be able to lock everything in place easily, 5. make it modular so that it can stack for Blumlein and other application requiring two or more mics, and 6. avoid diffraction, cavity effects, phasiness which occur with ring type mounts around the body of nearly every other mic out there.

The trouble with rings and structures close to the opening (capsule, ribbon motor, diaphragm, what-have-you) include 1. knife edge diffraction, 2. cavity resonance, 3. impedance transformation as a function of distance, and 4. shading.

"Naked Eye" ribbon microphone is a trademark of Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc.

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