Friday, August 11, 2006

Recorder/Shakuhachi Conversion

The recorder is a fine old instrument, easy for beginners, no tricky embrochure, and has its roots well back in the pre-Renaissance. This major scale Kuiper recorder was found at a yard sale for a dollar. Being a lover of flutes and other similar wind instruments such as the shakuhachi, I simply could not pass it up. I gave the lady four quarters.

But I was so disappointed with the sound. Like a shrill whistle, and not even that nice. I thought that little skinny aperture at the bottom of the bulbous proximal end was bound to make the most whistly sound, since that's what happens when you tighten your lips down too far on the "utaguchi", or the knife edge, of a shakuhachi.

Sacrilege is the violation or the injurious treatment of a sacred object. I tend to regard any musical instrument as at least minimally holy, even a one-dollar Kuiper with a bad whistle.

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