Friday, August 25, 2006

The Recordist Ensemble Stereo Kit

The Recordist Ensemble Stereo Kit consists of two matched Recordist Ribbon Microphones finished in low-key gunmetal grey, a pair of low diffraction rotary mounts, appropriate hardware, mast, all supplied in a handy Pelican case.

This image makes the grey look a little lighter and shinier than it actually is. In person the pair are intentionally subdued, serious, and formal. You can take these to the opera without trepidation.

Same size as Naked Eye but have a very different ribbon motor with extended top end, and a reach designed for front-of-stage and other distant and semi-distant recording jobs, and The Recordist has a very strict, symmetrical response which is important for Blumlein and also M-S Stereo applications.

I love the sound of Blumlein stereo - the apparent realism can be quite startling! Use with low noise clean preamps such as True Systems, Grace, Great River etc., or, straight into your high quality field recorder. A naturally high output and low noise make that easy.

We'll be showing this at AES San Francisco. Here is the press release in Pro Sound News.

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