Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Special Guest - Jim Koger

James D. "Jim" Koger (R) visited the lab a while ago and is seen here discussing microphones with Hugh Tripp. Jim is the originator and inventor of the 1/12 wavelength method of matching an ultrasound transducer to a transmission line. He is also credited with the base theory of composite acoustic backing materials for piezoceramics. In addition, Jim Koger developed the methods used for characterizing acoustic transducer bandwidths, the capacitively coupled moving transmission line, numerous tungsten-based acoustic composites, negative index acoustic refraction focusing of ultrasound beams, and many other highly creative and commercially important innovations in the field of catheter based imaging. Wiith over a dozen US patents issued and probably more to follow, James D Koger is a name to know in ultrasonics.

Jim recently moved back East to Cambridge from his home in Santa Cruz, where he learned to surf.

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