Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Studio Bopnique - Anthony Resta

The talented and eclectic Anthony J Resta seen here at the Studio Bopnique Wall of Many CDs. Click the image to enlarge it. Virtually all of the images at http://microphonium.blogspot.com can be supersized.

Last night I visited Studio Bopnique in Chelmsford, MA to see producer and musician Anthony Resta, (AJ AKA Ajax) who uses Crowley and Tripp Soundstage Image, Studio Vocalist, and Proscenium ribbon microphones in his studio. A recent article talks about Anthony's doings with Perry Farrell's new release which is due out in September, and one of the songs he produced with Collective Soul is charting at the moment, so Anthony is, shall we say, in a very productive mode these days, with even more happening.

Check out NYC music artist Christine Hagan's website to see and hear some of her latest collaborations with Anthony at the studio helm.

Anthony is an enthusiast of the Optigan, an arcane, insane sort of optical organ from the 70s' that plays samples recorded on 12" floppy clear plastic disks, which can be inserted upside-down, if you want, for even stranger sounds. The Optigan has its following, which you can read about here.

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