Monday, September 25, 2006

Herb Singleton: Cross-Spectrum Labs

An old trolley on the Riverside Line. You could open the windows, feel the breeze, even spit - something they do not want you to do anymore, for everyone's safety.

Trolleys are relatively quiet, compared to trains, traffic, highways, construction sites, airports, factories, machinery, jackhammers, automobile horns, jet engines, car washes and many other mechanized appliances of life in the 21st Century.

That's why Herb Singleton, owner of Cross-Spectrum Labs comes in. Herb is an acoustics engineer, local guy, MIT alum, who spends most of his working time making measurements of, evaluating, quantifying, reporting on, and recommending the mitigation of NOISE. He does this for commercial outfits that need to comply with the regs, and also for municipalities concerned about noise levels.

They should be concerned. Noise can be deadly, raise your blood pressure, cause important sounds to be missed, create fatigue and illness, and it is just plain annoying. Perhaps the definition of noise is any sound you don't like: In any case Herb is your guy if you need professional noise measurements, done scientifically, correctly and in an unbiased manner.

Herb also does mic measurements for Crowley and Tripp microphones and it is his measurements that you see in all of the spec sheets.

Check out Herb Singleton's blog on acoustics and things related. It's a fun read.

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