Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hofner Verithin and a Speed Graphic

I get asked from time to time about my Hofner Verithin which is shown here and also on our contacts page. Here it is shown edge-on under the peering eye of the Graflex Speed Graphic which is a great old 4X5 inch press camera with a cool bellows and a huge flashgun. I've written about how to repair them.

The Graphic lens can be air actuated . That cylinder next to the lens is an air dashpot that can be used to push the shutter release via a rubber bulb and tube arrangement.

The Hofner has very well done kerfing in the F- holes, and at the periphery of the body. It has a carved top which supports the tremelo tailpiece with its die spring made from a GT6.


Roy Caswell said...

Great guitar! I've got a '63 with Bigsby tremelo. You have the Hofner tremelo. More guitar pics please!

Bob Crowley said...

I have more shots of that guitar on our website.

Also, Hofner Verithin is one of the frequent daily search hits we get as I check the stats. It is a frequent search term so there must be some interest.

I was just playing mine a few minutes before your comment came in.