Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Naked Eye Ribbon Microphone Review in October Sound on Sound

Sound on Sound has an excellent review of the Naked Eye ribbon mic in the October edition. Reviewer Hugh Robjohns takes a very detailed and mostly accurate look and listen in his article, which is accompanied by a two-page spread and an excellent photo of microphone and mount. Above you see Desiree taking a break from her busy day of building Naked Eye Mics here at the lab. Hugh Tripp best appreciates Robjohn's notice of what he calls the "surprisingly high standards of machining and presentation found in this mic". Hugh is an amazing machinist. A few excerpts:

"Excellent sound quality for a very reasonable price"

"cunningly tailored..."

"The naked eye mic is a delight to use. The stand adaptor is brilliantly simple, but effective.."

"The side nulls are deep and clean, and I was able to produce a remarkably spill-free acoustic guitar track from a singing guitarist..."

" can't have this one - it's staying here!"

Sound on Sound is an excellent magazine filled with much well written editorial material as well as the aforementioned quality photos (can we borrow your photographer?) This readworthy magazine is available by subscription online and in paper form, and at newstands. I suggest you go get it, or sign up here for your own subscription.

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mujtaba hussain said...

nice... i might just buy the recordist soon! peace muj