Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Telefunken Spaceball Orbiting Microphone

Look at what I just got on ebay! This cool Saturn's ringed microphone from Telefunken. Who says that the old Telefunken folks were stodgy? This is far out!

Now I know what I'm gonna do with all those SM58 ball grilles I got at the flea market too.

I'm so excited.


Sunflute's Blog said...

Hey Bob,

Do you think that plastic ring was used for reflecting sound or was it used mostly for looks? Just Curious

Bob Crowley said...

I was wondering that myself. I don't know the answer, but I'll bet having a baffle all around the periphery of a pressure mic will change its response. Something about the seriousness of Telefunken designs in general tells me there had to be some objective purpose.

This is worth measuring! Stay tuned for the results.



Bob Crowley said...

I just put a ring around an SM58 and I don't hear a lot of difference straight on. But, this is just listening to the shakuhachi.

More to follow...