Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Mystery Ribbon Microphones

I like to keep em guessing when we are in the process of introducing and trying out new technology, yet I can't seem to stop myself from talking about it at least a little. Probably the excitement of something new and the need to brag. In any case, we are now in the process of trying out a number of new microphone innovations, some that we have already spoken about in detail such as the nanofilm ribbons and carbon nanotubes, and also some new ideas about how to record such things as kick drums, sonic blasts, jet engines and non-nuclear detonation. Seriously the thing is to keep making ribbon microphones stronger, with higher output and better sound than before, getting that sound to be more useful and exploring the possibilities. Oh yeah, I meant the kick drum application. Hugh has it all figured out, I think...

Here are a couple of our stainless steel bodies in non-standard mounts. These mounts didn't work out well as they were a pain in the neck to attach, so now we have Sticky Lipz mounts which we give away for free with certain mics we make. If you look closely these mics are marked with an X designation indicating they are experimental. Experiments are fun because you can only guess the result and sometimes things work out great, other times they can go up in smoke!

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