Thursday, November 16, 2006

Even more 77DX pictures

We have loads of pictures of the various RCA 77DX mics that we probably won't ever need. Here is a shot of the Studio Vocalist against an old series brass label RCA 77DX and a new series foil label RCA 77DX. Our goal was to have a higher output, lower noise, more useful sound, and greater durability than the best current and past microphones, and the 77DX was one of our benchmarks early on. Each of our mics has some predecessor, for example, the Proscenium was judged against the RCA 44 sound, the Studio Vocalist against very premium vocal condensers, the Soundstage Image against the Fisher ribbon and the Naked Eye against the current US ribbons in the $1000+ range.

Zoom in and check out our Dual 1019 turntable and Sony 250 tape deck, also the JVC Videosphere hanging TV. If you look very closely you can spot our excellent Ethel Smith LP, and on the far right another famous (or infamous) LP from long past.


Anonymous said...

I assume you mean that the one thou++ mike is royer 121?? If so why do you not speak of it and why do refer to other's?

Bob Crowley said...

Because it isn't polite.

I hope it is sufficient to say that we believe that we exceed performance levels of all the present ribbon microphones being sold, and this is by direct comparison of things that can be measured.

Curt Vincent said...

I am in the process of restoring 4 RCA 77Ds, not DX, but 77 nonetheless. This will give me 9 RCA 77s. Doing this for my studio, not to compete with Clarence at ENAK, Mr Sank or Big D. So I look at this picture and I see that CD. There must be a copy for sale someplace. I may not be able to afford it, but there must be a copy and there must be a price. Any help? - Curt (Dry Bones Audio)