Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Larry Killip's Classic Mics

Readers of this blog may already know that Larry Killip is a friend of ours who has contributed much to the development of Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphones.

If you have not done so already, visit Larry's website and you will find more about his interesting collection of old microphones, his wonderfully restored old Jaguar, and even a tribute page to Naked Eye.

While there, watch his latest music vid, "Waterfall".
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LK said...

On the shelf we have:
An HMV ribbon
An Awia ribbon
Two Reslo ribbons
An STC apple/biscuit
A Geloso with volume control!
An Acos mic in leather pouch
An unknown table mic
Set of early headphones
Two Edison wax cylinders
An award I got bla bla
An old Buddy Holly album signed to me by Gerry Allison and Joe Mauldin 2 of the Crickets