Sunday, November 19, 2006

Naked Eye gets PAR 2006 Award

We got an award for Naked Eye.

Pro Audio Review, a magazine that we believe has a good grasp of the newsworthy innovations in the pro audio world, gave Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphones its second consecutive award. Last year in New York, PAR awarded the Crowley and Tripp Studio Vocalist with its Excellence Award, now this year in San Francisco, another award was given to Naked Eye.

See here
for the list of recipients, among which are some very innovative friends, Latch Lake, True Systems, and Little Labs.

compared to royer rca aea neumann microphones telefunken akg sony sennheiser


Larry Killip said...

I think it was bold to release a ribbon mic with a different response each side, maybe a first?

This little trick alone makes the Naked Eye a worker bee in the studio and therefore a worthy recipient of any microphone award.

Here's to the Naked Eye ribbon microphone.

Bob Crowley said...

Thanks Larry

Two of the magazine reviews said it was common for a ribbon mic to have two voices. I think they're erroneously (though innocently)repeating some old adages, and if you look at the polar response you can see that there is a substantial difference.

I can't think of another mic where this has been intentionally done. If you offset a ribbon in a gap you get some tonal change towards brightness off the back, but that is subtle and I think an unintentional benefit. Perhaps there are polar plots somewhere? With the ribbon on center the advantage may be the higher output. We are finding more and more that the sound of a mic is the sound of the local field around whatever picks up the sound, plus the sound of the pickup.

I'm not much of a guitarist but the thing I notice is that I can get those classic sounds with the right angle, and I felt that would be useful. The first naked eye was tuned with acoustic and electric guitars, white noise, and shakuhachi here in the lab, and a lot of listening. (and loud shredding noise in the lab!)

In any case the Naked Eye is doing quite well and seems to be a good Christmas gift this year.