Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The RCA Broadcast Magnifier

I forgot I had this cool magnifier. Today I was searching around for a small jar of carbon nanotubes and instead came across this very nice leather-cased RCA Broadcast magnifying glass. I suppose this could be used to examing minute details of a subject 77DX, or perhaps even for the preparation of some RCA ribbons, in order to be perfectly equipped.

In the background is possibly the last of the Nottingham Raleigh rod brake pads still in their original box. I bought them for the Raleigh 28" wheeled roadster, model DL-1, that I'm working on.

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Matt Slay said...

Funny. I have one of these same exact magnifying glasses. I can't recall where I got it.

It's so cool that I just googled it to see if any more we floating around, and I found this post.