Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another mic that mightn't be

Rounding out this week's small assemblage of rare-to-nonexistent microphones is this totally unauthorized Choppers US version of an old Fen Tone dynamic or crystal microphone. That deep-drawn perforated cap must have been quite the resonant chamber, I'd suspect.

Here it is embellished with what could be a frame headbadge from a motorcycle, the iron cross or perhaps Maltese cross motif artfully integrated with wings and Civil War era "US" font. But it is not! Choppers US makes bicycles.

I've run across several of these bullet shaped mics but never one in working condition. The body is made of nicely done investment cast potmetal, and the gray paint job reminds me of something from the 1960s Lafayette Radio catalogue.

Zoom in to see what deep-drawing will do to perforated metal.

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