Friday, December 08, 2006

Another PAR Award for Naked Eye

Naked Eye by Crowley and Tripp won a second PAR award for the company at 2006 AES in San Francisco. Here it is in Coke bottle green this time, a departure in color and with updated artwork. Pro Audio Review, sticklers for correct copy, have now spelled "Crowley and Tripp" in the proper way, too.

It is an honor to recieve this second consecutive award and we thank Pro Audio Review and their roving selection committee for picking the Naked Eye ribbon microphone as a top choice in innovative pro audio gear The customers seem to agree that once you compare the Naked Eye ribbon mic against its peers, some costing much more, Naked Eye's high output, low noise performance, super build quality and great sound make the choice an easy one. And the price is the most wallet friendly of all the current pro quality ribbon mics too.

This is a good time to say thanks to everyone including dealers and customers who have amazed us with their tales of success with Naked Eye, which appears to represent a new standard of ribbon mic quality and value. Each Naked Eye ribbon microphone is hand made in the USA by people who know the art and science of sound.

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