Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Haddon Sundblom's Santa at the Shure 55S

Haddon Sundblom was a very well known American artist who did a lot of advertising illustrations of rosy cheeked people including his famous Coca Cola Santa Claus, which completely redefined the look of the merry yuletide elf.

Here is a lesser-known example sans cola but with a Shure mic instead! The date could be from the 50s up until the 60s. Sundblom was also known for his remarkable skill at depicting leggy models and did quite a few pinups that took great advantage of his ability to render skin surfaces with a vitality rarely seen today.

I have two paintings by Sundblom, who posed himself as the model for Santa Claus. Sundblom was quite the jolly guy!


Anonymous said...

I have a Shure 55Sw and I have always like the look and feel of it. I am told that it sounds very good as it is the favored mike at amateur station N1IPP.

Tony Merrithew said...

Wow I love those paintings! Thanks for posting them.

Bob Crowley said...

They are great. Sundblom did some great pinup art - the best ever in my opinion. Also some of his lesser known ads are terrific.

I am fortunate to have two original Sundblom paintings, one a finished "Sun Man" holding red and white grapes under a yellow California sky, and a study of a girl's face. They are both excellent.