Tuesday, December 26, 2006

MORE: "Matched Pair" of Ribbon Mics Ready to Ship

People always ask us about "matched pairs". Above you see a pair of Studio Vocalist Ribbon Microphones in the box ready to ship out to some distant location. Notice that each box is separated by foam and that the box is thick and heavy material. The last thing you want to worry about is if your mic is going to arrive in one piece. This type of packing makes it very unlikely that a mic will be damaged during transit. A cardboard box can be made very strong and consistent. Wood is strong too, but the natural grain of the wood box, which we supply gratis with most microphones, never matches perfectly and sometimes varies in color and even slightly in dimension.

But this post is about "matched pairs" of microphones. As a manufacturer of precision products, we wondered about the common "extra charge" some microphone makers levy for two mics of the same exact model. "No way!" we said. "They all should match". You can take any two (or four or more) of the same model of any Crowley and Tripp mics and they will already match in tone, frequency response, sensitivity, appearance and dimensions. Very closely. In most industries where precision affects performance, like in medical devices, parts are usually designed so they come out virtually the same each time, so wouldn't you think a mic could do that?

Imagine if a maker of replacement hips charged extra to patients who wanted their new hip implants to "match".

Now some people want "sequential, matched pairs" which means that the serial numbers are sequential. No problem, we can do that. Just ask. That's easy!

But what about the matching charge?

There isn't any. We don't think you should pay extra for buying two of our mics or be penalized because you need them to sound the same. We never add a "matching charge".

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Anonymous said...

"Matched Pairs" and paying more for it are a big sign that the mics do vary all over the place. Don't get fooled by the hype or pay the price for a "Match" unless you like to throw money away. CT you are absolutely right on this cheesy practice.