Thursday, December 28, 2006

Naked Eye Matched Pair Deal with Goodies!

This promotion ended on Feb 15,2007.We sold out!

We have a great deal for those who want a pair of Naked Eyes for use around the studio and in venues to record in stereo. Have you read the reviews? You should!

Here's what the deal consists of:

2 Matched Sequentially Numbered Naked Eye Ribbon Microphones
2 Low diffraction rotary mounts
1 two-piece Array Mast for use on a boom or in stereo array. This consists of two strong aluminum mast sections that screw together and holds two Naked Eyes.
2 wood storage cases
All US made
Other small but cool and/or useful goodies
Price $1495 - cash, paypal, Visa or Mastercard (no Amex)
No shipping charge anywhere in the US!
No matching charge (of course)
Order by calling the lab direct at 508 231 4515 during business hours EST.

As you probably know, Naked Eye has become a phenomenon and a best seller at the introductory price of $745 each. Get in on this deal because 2007 is coming!

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