Monday, December 18, 2006


Does anyone else still like Pizzicato Five?

I have several of their CDs, some of the rare P5 credit cards, and various paraphenalia. Happy End of the World and The Fifth Release on Matador are a couple of my favorites, though there are more.

That Japanese pop style appeals to my 1960's sensibilities and is still being played on Japanese internet radio even though they stopped recording long ago.

People are either amazed, amused or aghast when they hear it playing in the lab.


Brad Avenson said...

I've been a fan of Pizzicato Five ever since I was a DJ KVRX. (

Happy holidays Bob!

Bob Crowley said...

Hi Brad,

Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one. I think "groupie" is an especially brilliant piece, many others are too.

Roger said...

I've been a fan since I was a DJ at WICN :) That had to be '93 or '94?

Robert said...

I love P5, I have for years.

Thinking of buying my first ribbon mic, found your blog on a google search, I'm thinking the Naked Eye might be perfect since I'm looking for something warmer than a condenser to use on vocals and something classier than an SM57 to use on guitar amp.

I loved reading the ribbon mic myths exposed, I've been wondering about all the seemingly odd things I've been reading about ribbon mics, and have been questioning myself.

Bob Crowley said...

Yes like with anything that was around a long time ago, what was true then is often no longer the case today.

Like mid 60's pop music! P5 is arguably better! FPM, Cornelius too.

Modern ribbon mics get used on the road, right in front of guitar cabinets, etc. A lot of old-schoolers think you can't do that, but u can.

I think that Naked Eye is close to my "ideal" guitar mic - eg. tone, flexibility, durability, ease of use and price.

Naked Eye is a good vocal mic too, with plenty of highs, yet, without that tizz that makes the difference between a 1000 dollar and a 4000 dollar condenser. Why bother I say, selfishly. ;) Check out Larry Killip's take on Naked Eye. Note that you don't have to get as close to a Naked Eye as a stage dynamic for vocals that are present and full. That's one of the advantages of a ribbon with some air around it - you get an extended sweet spot.

It was 70 degrees here yesterday January 6, and now it is still in the 50's so I think I will do some yard work now.