Sunday, December 10, 2006

Peter Costa, Prominent "Man of the Microphone" releases new collection of humor

Say hello to Peter Costa

fellow microphone user and author of his new book entitled CostaLiving: Laughing through life
which can be seen on the table between Peter and a vintage red and pink clock radio.

The book is a collection of 65 unusually funny, sardonic, witty and/or weird observations of domestic, urban and suburban phenomena, some based on the trivial, yet arguably profound frustration Costa experiences, for instance, when faced with family members who just refuse to muster adequate sympathy for his horrible head cold, (Chapter one: On suffering colds, almost in silence) or the the curiously familiar but inevitable dread when the author is faced with replacing the CV joints in his front-wheel-drive station wagon. And it is funny! Funny in a way that can make you chuckle hours and even weeks later. Short story fans will appreciate Costa's Thurber-esque form of present-day Americana flavored with an occasional ad lib in Latin, or brief nod to the classics.

Pick up CostaLiving: Laughing through life (get the pun?) at bookstores, (if you can call them that anymore), like Barnes & Noble, or online, at Or here on his website.

from the back cover:

About the author: Peter Costa is a veteran journalist who has worked for weekly and daily newspapers, national magazines, and an international wire service. He covered the United Nations and interviewed four US presidents and has the stolen stationery and ashtray to prove it.

additional info:

Costa is licensed as W1ZZZ by the Federal Communications Commission and operates his personal radio station from his home in Massachusetts. Peter is often heard on the frequency of 3885 KHz shortwave, where he talks with others about many of the subjects in his new book, often at great length.

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