Sunday, January 28, 2007

KULA Radio Honolulu

Click on this image to see it up close and in detail

Traipsing through a Hanalei antique store a little while back, in search of Hawaiiana, esoterica, or even microphonia, I stumbled across this interesting inscribed glass brick with "KULA" on it. The item was marked "KULA school - $22" so I bought it.

Look closely and see what appears to be an RCA 44ish rendering with lightning bolts radiating from it. Nice! The bamboo fronds add to the island atmosphere of this piece, which might have been made in the 40s or 50s. KULA was an AM station in Honolulu but ownership, location and frequency has changed over the years, so I don't know which "KULA" this is from. Hey that reminds me - I know over at KUAI in Hanapepe that they had and used a 77DX in addition to their boom-mounted BK5. I think I will contact them and see if I can get a shot of that one.

I kept rectifier tubes in this brick for a while, and now I am thinking of filling it with glass marbles instead, for a better look.

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