Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Search Function Added

Now you can look up every post about the RCA 77DX, or all posts about Hugh Tripp. Type into the "search blog" window above to go directly to a screen with everything at once. Not a list, but more of a compilation according to subject. Give it a try. Type in "transformer" and see what you get.
link to volcano


Anonymous said...

this search function as you call it sucks big time

Bob Crowley said...


This is what you get when you "upgrade" to the new version of blogspot at google. Also once you upgrade you can't go back to the old version. I don't recommend the new version of blogger in google. The promised a lot of new features but there are none that I can tell so far. The upgrade promised the ability to do wysiwyg positioning of page elements for instance. This only works if you use one of their new templates which throws away the old template, which means all the formatting in the last 200 posts might be lost. No thanks.