Thursday, January 25, 2007

Scoping out the noise

Here's a shot of the rack mounted scope at my home where I have all kinds of ham radio equipment including many devices that are sensitive to electromagnetic interference, static, powerline noise, and cable TV leakage. Today the noise level at 1.9 Mhz is displayed: The receiver is a Hammarlund SP-600 connected to an inverted vee and the IF output goes to the scope. Yes, that is a Feedback Destroyer in the rack that I use as a notch filter to cut out heterodynes from adjacent stations. It works, up to a point, and makes some of its own interference! What do you want for $40 at a hamfest?

The Microphonium Blog has a new layout and a new template that allows you to look through the titles of the nearly 200 articles that precede this one. Click on the little label to the left of the month to expand the menu, just like you would in a file manager. Then you can select individual posts. Note that the html template I am using has no "home" function on it yet, so try not to get lost. I've been having trouble getting java and other handy features, such as site tracking, to work with this new google product, so far with little luck.

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