Thursday, February 15, 2007

Preproduction Studio Vocalist Ribbon Microphone

Here's a real relic. This is the very first microphone built sort of like the production version of the Studio Vocalist.

This was so long ago I was surprised to come across it in a forgotten directory on my laptop, which makes me wonder what else might be there.

This stainless steel preproduction prototype differed in many ways from the final version. The dimensions are different and the mic is taller, also the grill aperture is different, so is the motor unit, transformer, contact blocks (before solid silver) and many other things. The logo was mocked up and glued on. That red band at the bottom is a piece of electrical tape. Stylish, eh? Very Swiss, I thought. Sterile, surgical, perhaps too much red.

Sonically, this device was the first to use the voicing that simulates the curve of a vocal condenser. Historic, perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

is there any chance this will be offered for sale?