Sunday, March 25, 2007

1950s Germanium Transistor Radios

Just a shot of a couple of older transistor radios I have in the transistor radio museum. The one in the center is a Joni 7, likely named to sound a bit like the much copied Sony brand that was everywhere at the time.

Virtually every transistor radio sold during the late 50s and early 60s had the number of transistors labeled and it became a contest to see who could have the most. 7 was one more than the typical six! In the back ground you can see "Vote for Number 6" from The Prisoner TV series. The Joni 7 has mostly germanium transistors, and I forget what's in the others. Yes they work.

On either side are a pair of coral and aqua colored little reverse plastic transistor radios from the late 50s. They have different names but seem like they are the same, except the colors. Coral and auquamarine were very popular colors then. The term "reverse-plastic" was coined by me in the early days of USENET to describe the way some Japanese transistor radios were imprinted on the reverse side of a plastic see through section of plastic, and the term stuck. If you go to google groups, type in the search term n1ddzrjc to see dozens and dozens of usenet posts, and also w1xyz to see more. I was a USENET junkie! Or simply click here.

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