Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Future Mics from Crowley and Tripp?

If you've been reading Pro Sound News you might have spotted the recent piece beow that talks about innovations here at Crowley and Tripp mics. We have certain "experimental" versions out in the realm, being tested, beat up, abused, listened to, and most importantly of all - being though of as the next major improvement in ribbon microphone technology.

It all started when we began to ask users what they felt were the most important aspects of ribbon mics, and what needed to be done to make them useful tools that can be relied upon for even the most severe applications. So, we started by making them rough and rugged, and this shows in the Naked Eye, Soundstage Image, Proscenium, Studio Vocalist and Recordist models, all which have very high reliability and low, near-zero down time.

Now we are taking that a step further. The next generation of ribbon mics from Crowley and Tripp will use nano-enabled materials that have extraordinary strength and acoustic qualities that were not available from traditional materials. The first few of these mics have been built at great expense, but the results seem, at least so far, to be worth it.

If you see one of these in use, check it out, but don't bother to handle it carefully.

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