Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mystery Sphere

I will be investigating and reporting on this strange spherical electronic device in a week or so. If you can ID it from the picture please let me know!


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like it is a radio of some kind. I see what appears to be a ferrite rod wound with a lot of wire. Just above that and slightly to the right is what appears to be a small variable capacitor of the type commonly found in Japanese transistor radios of the 60's. I see at least 6 bright silver items that may be transistors and two items(red and green) that may be IF transformers adjsutable by screwdriver. There are several green fixed capacitors, several coils and two larger electrolytic capacitors. I see what may be 2 resistors too. I guess a medium wave or longer radio. Jim N1IPP

Anonymous said...

Aha so this must be a special space detector for finding energy comprised of the orthogonal axes of electric and magnetic propagating emanations!

craig said...

Radio from the 60s.
The "bright silver objects" are capacitors like the one to the left of the red IF slug.

mortimer said...

It's a so-so radio from the 80's. I still have mine. Don't use it but can't throw it out.


Bob Crowley said...


If you don't want it anymore, I'd like to have it.

The value is in the style, not the performance. I collect sphere shaped radios and TVs.