Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Naked Eye as an Overhead Mic

People are curious about Naked Eye. It is, by any standards, an unusual microphone with features that may be slightly unfamiliar to some users. Innovation invariably involves a change not only in the technology but in the user too, and Naked Eye is no exception. The availability of relatively inexpensive low noise preamps and the need for versatile personal recording tools, and the tremendous improvements made recently in the field of modern ribbon microphones, have led to a new set of user requirements that Naked Eye seems to fill.

I get asked a lot about the mount. Unfamiliar. Yes. But also strong, positionable, quick, sturdy, and precise. Precision is important with Naked Eye because it has two distinct voices that can be adjusted and blended by rotating and then locking the mic in the position that sounds right. Strong is also a requirement for overheads. As you can see in the picture, the Naked Eye is really sticking out! And it will stay there as long as you like it. So, you can position the Naked Eye or two of them over drums.

And it works on a boom as well. The angle of the Naked Eye low diffraction mount isn't dependent on a vertical mast, though it is easy to use that way too.

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